Range Repair Guide

Appliance repairs are nearly predictable, but don’t be hopeless, fixing it isn’t that difficult. We will help you figure out how to troubleshoot your range.

CAUTION: Before you do any work on a gas range or oven, make sure it is unplugged and disconnect the grounding wire. Also shut the gas supply valve to close the unit’s gas supply. Please exercise with extreme caution. Noble Appliance Repair cannot be held accountable for injuries due to misuse of our repair guides.

Appliances are manufactured in order to perform. Faulty heating elements are the major cause that enables them to malfunction. Below are some repair guidelines that might help you solving your problem.

Range Repair Troubleshooting Guide



The gas burner on a gas range won’t light

  • Clean the pilot or igniter. Lift the lid of your stove; give it a tap with the heel of your hand if it’s trapped. For sealed burners, lid won’t lift but you can clean its igniter the same way. If your burner unable to ignite, clean the burner assembly.
  • Clean the burner assembly.  Remove the burner assembly by simply lifting off the support arm as you slide it off away from the burner valve. Brush out the tube, clean out the ports using toothbrush and clean the burner valve by using a needle to clear any debris.
  • Check the spark ignition system (electronic ignition).  Be sure that the stove is plugged in and power is on. Test if the switch is fully functioning or it has a bad switch. If the igniters doesn’t spark, it simply means you need to replace it
  • Call us if you have difficulty upon testing at 678-646-4346.

The oven won’t heat

  • Reset your “time cook” function if your oven has it.
  • Make sure that it is plugged and switched to power on.
  • Check the oven ignition fuse and the pilot if your oven is equipped with one.
  • If you’re unsure give us a call at 678-646-4346.

An electric range burner won’t heat

  • Check the burner if it is broken or bent, replace it.
  • Check the connections for a solid contact.
  • Inspect burner socket. 

If you have any questions regarding our Range Repair Troubleshooting Guide, feel free to contact us at 678-646-4346 or simply email us at admin@noblebhs.com and we’ll be happy to assist you!